Watts Up, Inc.

This site is about a great company launched in 1995, which accomplished many great things, and had many great people working for, collaborating with, supplying to, buying from, connected to, associated with, and/or otherwise doing business with it over the years…

Watts Up went through changes (as sometimes happens) in 2005, closing finally in 2006.  Now only this site remains; a resource maintained for former employees, partners, suppliers and/or customers, who need to refer to, or get in touch with the old Watts Up.

To all of those people and companies, Watts Up thanks you for your excellent work, collaboration, partnership, and/or business over the years from 1995-2005.

For former employees, who are on LinkedIn, who wish to add Watts Up to their resume/profile there, we have set up a Company Page (Out-Of-Business/Closed), so you can pull in the logo and other information, at: http://www.linkedin.com/company/watts-up-inc-

We wish you health, happiness, success & prosperity!

 – Watts Up, Inc. 


The Original Watts Up Logo